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Powerful Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

If you want the guaranteed best carpet cleaning in Nampa ID ever, you have come to the right place, because as a Nampa carpet cleaning firm we simply do more then other companies. We take the time to do the best possible job at your home or business. Our Nampa carpet cleaners have invested in powerful truckmounted cleaning equipment with high performance rotary extraction tools and the best carpet cleaning products available! There is a difference in carpet cleaning. All carpet cleaning companies are NOT the same. With over 20 years of experience Able Carpet Care has the knowledge to provide the best carpet cleaning possible. Try us and experience the best carpet cleaning ever at Able Carpet Care!

Clean Carpets are the cornerstone of a healthy home & business. Allergens, bacteria and pollutants are tracked into your home or business everyday. Your carpet needs regular cleaning to provide a healthy indoor environment. Nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your investment better then Able Carpet Care.

carpet cleaning nampa
Rotary Extraction Cleaning available for the most thorough Carpet Cleaning Possible

With our Nampa Idaho based carpet cleaning services we utilize the powerful truckmounted hot water extraction process recommended by carpet manufacturers. Soil and contaminants are flushed out leaving your carpet looking like new, feeling & smelling clean and fresh. Making your indoor environment healthier.

We go one step further and speed dry your carpet resulting in drier, cleaner carpets and happier customers. That is what we specialize in!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Nampa

commercial carpet cleaning nampaAt Able Carpet Care we give the same attention to detail we use on cleaning the carpet in your home to commercial carpet cleaning. Able Carpet Care can clean and restore your commercial carpet. We are experienced in cleaning commercial carpet in any setting: offices, retail stores, motels, hotels, convention centers, theaters, restaurants, bars, day care and medical facilities. Anywhere there is dirty carpet Able Capet Care can help. We realize the challenges of maintaining a clean inviting appearance for your employees and customers. Our commercial carpet cleaning system will not interfere with your business operations. Our convenient payment programs will fit any budget. Call today for a free no obligation demonstration & price Quote!

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