We love cleaning carpet – but what we love more are the satisfied smiles on all of our customers’ faces after a job well done. Buying a home can be a stressful process and the last thing on your mind can be the carpets. The house you just bought could have sat empty for a while allowing some dust and outside particles to settle in the carpet fibers. There is even a chance that some dirt and soil was tracked in while moving, unpacking, and arranging everything. Do not worry! We can help you to enjoy the home you just worked so hard to buy.

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Quick drying carpet cleaning

We understand how important it is to be able to get back to normal life, or begin the move-in process and not wanting to worry if the carpet is going to be damp or not. That is why we use a rotary extraction cleaning tool. Our carpet cleaning process will NOT damage your carpet, cause mold to grow, or leave sticky residues that make your carpet become dirtier quicker.

Here is a video of our rotary extraction cleaning tool in action:

More on our cleaning process

As you can see we can actually see the dirt that we are removing. We do not just guess that it’s clean we know that it is. Having the ability to see what we are removing allows us to extract as much moisture and soil from the carpet as possible. Leaving you with fresh, soft, truly clean carpet. Our carpet cleaning machine heats the safe cleaning solution up to 220° which will also help to sanitize your carpet as well. After we have cleaned your carpet, we can help you to keep cleaner for longer and by protecting your investment.

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