Do you own a rental property? We work with many property management companies big and small, and we would love to work with you. We offer higher volume discounts and as always –  we offer 10% off for vacant/empty properties for our carpet cleaning service. Remember – “When you need clean, we are Able.” Call us today to talk about your rental property carpet cleaning or discuss high volume discounts – 208-466-3223 or email us with the form on the right.

What we can do for you

Don’t let turn over time frustrate you, let us help!

Deep Cleaning – Our rotary extraction steam cleaning will dig even the most stubborn soils out of carpet, saving you/your company money in replacement costs. We tackle even the most dirtiest of carpets and produce amazing results. Click here to see a collection of our before and after photos.

We are spot and stain specialists! We have a whole arsenal of spotting products to get out any type of stain and have a great success rate of removing most spots. If we do not feel we are Able to save a carpet from replacement, we will be 100% honest and let you know. Remember, we want to save you money, but at your discretion we can still try to save the carpet and bring all of our Able Carpet Care magic. There have been very few that we haven’t been Able to save, but those were pretty extreme cases where the property had been destroyed.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal – Perhaps you allow your tenants to have pets and the fluffy bundles of joy weren’t so nice to the carpet. We have specialized products that help to remove pet stains and odor from the carpet. Again, if we feel we cannot save the carpet and a full odor restoration needs to be done, we will let you know and we can either provide those services or give you tips on how to deal with the damage. We want to make the turn over process as easy as we can!

Quick turn over times – Our power carpet cleaning machine and rotary extraction system not only digs the dirt out, but helps us produce great dry times as well. The carpet will not be left wet for days, in fact even heavily soiled carpet that we have to really flush the soil out of dries in about 6-8 hours. We offer same day service and can get last minute carpet cleanings in and dry by the next day so a new tenant can move in.

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